Friday, September 28, 2007

Headship of Christ (2)

So if Jesus really is head of the church and not just a figurehead how does that affect church leadership structures? For a start humility needs to be an important quality for leaders as they recognise that they are not in charge, but are stewards of the authority that Christ has granted them. And maybe that humility will lead those leaders to hear Christ’s voice through the congregation.

What happens if old Mrs Jones who can’t get out but sits at home darning socks for the missionaries and praying as she darns, happens to sense God’s direction for the church? Does the church structure make it possible for her to impart to the church what Christ, the head of the Church, may be saying. Or should she simply keep quiet and accept that only the key leaders have that privilege?

Is their still a hierarchy that only the leaders have the ear of Christ, and they in turn pass on instructions to everyone in the Church? That doesn’t sit well with my understanding of the priesthood of all believers.

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