Thursday, October 11, 2007

Headship of Christ (3)

If Christ is the head of the church how is the church to keep in touch with it’s head? Clearly, it’s pretty easy to lose touch because we can’t see Jesus but we see lots of people, some of whom are pretty persuasive. It would seem that if the headship of Christ is a practical reality we need to build this into the church structure.

I have yet to see an organisational structure that has Jesus at the top. But if we were to do this as a practical reality (not just a theoretical concept), I wonder how it work?

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Alex said...

aw your invitation over on Hamo's blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Some really interesting thoughts. When you said we can't see Jesus but we can see a lot people my first thought was, "Yeah, and they're meant to be Jesus." But I get what you mean.

I have no idea how it's built into the structures of the church. Maybe it can't be. It's a matter of prayer and waiting on the Spirit and walking humbly as you said. And making sure old Mrs darn-some-socks has the pastor's phone number!